“I have become all things to all people, that I might by all means save some” (I Cor 9:22)


Welcome you all to Athmajyothi Foundation. Athmajyothi Foundation is a Non-Profitable Organization, registered under the Indian Trust Act. We are located at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu State. INDIA.

The Founders of the Athmajyothi Foundation are Pr. Joseph Varghese and Mrs. Reena Merlin Joseph. Pr. Joseph Varghese carries the position of Founder/President of the Athmajyothi Foundation and the Sr. Pastor of the River of Life Apostolic Church. He has done his Bachelor Degree in B.Sc. (Psychology), Bachelor of Theology (B.Th), Bachelor of Divinity (B.D). He has also finished his Master Degree in M.Sc (Applied Psychology), and Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy. Along with the Church Ministry, he is also doing Counselling and Psychotherapy at our Jivan Jyothi Counselling & Life Enrichment Center. He has married to Reena Merlin and they are blessed with two children, Jonathan Joseph (Son) and Fedora Joseph (Daughter).

Athmajyothi Foundation stands for the Vertical and Horizontal Relationship with God and Humanity. Our relationship with God is Vertical – Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven.  Our worldly relationships are Horizontal – From Person to Person. Jesus wants to be at the point where the Vertical and Horizontal of our existence meets.

Christ, the Athmajyothi and Paramavaidya of Soul became Human – a person in the Horizontal realm so that we might understand the Vertical Relationship between ourselves and God.  We experience a Personal Vertical Relationship with God because we come to God through Christ. Christ reconciled us and restored man’s relationship with God. Jesus came to show us how to “Live Horizontally” and how to treat and respond to others.

Pr. Joseph is a devotee of “Athma Jyoti”- Lord Jesus Christ who is the “Light of the World”.  Being an Acharya (Spiritual Guru/Teacher) of the “Supreme Wisdom” (Bible), I help the people to find “The Way, Truth and the Life”.  The Incarnated God, Jesus Christ – “Jivan Jyoti” who makes “Parivarthen” (Transformation) in the Human Life.  Jesus, the Son of God is the “Paramavaidya of Soul” who heals and saves the Soul. I fully dedicated to teach the “Vedanadam” (Great Truth) at “Kristhu Sangha” (Church of Christ) and help the lost humanity to receive God’s “Prasadam/Kripa” (Grace) and make them “Bhakta” (Disciples).  My humble attempt is to help the humanity to attain “Moksha” (Liberation) from the bondages of “Papa/Pava” (Sin).  According to the Christian Doctrine, humanity suffers from the original sin of transgression committed by Adam (First Adam).  He can be saved only by surrendering himself to Jesus Christ (Last Adam).  I wish to put the “Seed of Truth” into the Land instead of putting in a Pot, taking care and watering the seeds from the “River of Life”.  So that each seeds should have a ‘Personal Growth’ in Divine and produce Good Fruits.

We hope you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we Fellowship together at our various Worship Services, Events, and Ministries.

Come, Let us persist to seek a more ‘Intimate Vertical Relationship’ with God and a more ‘Loving Horizontal Relationship’ with our Nature, Family, Friends, and Everyone we meet. Roberto De Nobli says “When God Calls, No Human Consideration Should Stop Us”. Let us hear God’s voice and do His will.

With Warm Regards and Blessings to you.

Yours Shepherd in Christ,

Pr. Joseph CV
(Founder/Sr. Pastor)