“In the achievement of everything there are two parts. One part is in our hands and we should “do it”. The other part is not in our hands and we should “allow it to happen”. “Like a Tree each must find a Place and Environment to Grow and Branch out”. We offer Counselling services to individuals who are in distress.

Jivan Jyothi Counselling & Life Enrichment Centre is a Counselling and Psychotherapy Center dedicated to promoting positive change in the Individual. We serve the public by Counseling people struggling with Life’s issues and by training those who are called to help others. We offer counselling services to individuals who are in distress. We make awareness in people regarding positive “Mental Health and Healthy Life Style”.

A Counsellor at Jivan Jyothi is someone who is there for the client as a facilitator for Change, Healing and Growth. When a safe and trusting environment is provided, a client will discover within him/herself the capacity for growth and change. Counselling is a process of empowerment, helping the individuals to be in charge of themselves and their relationships. The Center follows an Integrative/Eclectic model of Counselling.

We facilitate the Client in Counselling in the following issues :

1. Learning Difficulties, poor performance in School or College

2. Behaviour Problems in Children and Adolescents

3. Emotional Problems. (Uncontrolled Anxiety, Sadness, Anger)

4. Loneliness.

5. Low Self-esteem and Feelings of Inferiority & Inadequacies.

6. Inter-personal problems in the Family and Workplace.

7. Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Substance Abuse).

8. Mood, Anxiety and Depression

9. Addictions or Dependency (Internet, Gambling, Food)

10. Anger Management

11. Trauma and Grief

12. Family Conflict (Divorce, Adjustment, Coping)


1. Client Centered Therapy

2. REBT Therapy

3. TA Therapy

4. Anger Management Therapy

5. Relaxation Therapy

If you wish to undergo a Counselling session with us, please send your Counselling Request to:

If you have any Prayer Request, please send your Prayer Request to:

We will keep your Counselling and Prayer matters highly confidential. Please contact us, if you need a ‘Person Centered Counselling’ (Client Centered Counselling/Therapy). Please don’t hesitate to take an early appointment before you come. We are here to help you in Counselling and Prayer so please visit our Counselling/Prayer Centre.

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